Sheep Island, Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland aerial landscape photograph of Sheep Island, Ballintoy, with Rathlin Island in the background.
Ballintoy Harbour Northern Ireland (00042)

Sheep Island will be very familiar to anyone who has visited Ballintoy Harbour. As you descend down the twisty road towards the harbour you will see Sheep Island off to your right. Imposing and rugged, this rocky island is one of the many natural features which lures Northern Ireland landscape photographers to Ballintoy.

Before owning a drone I had never seen Sheep Island from above and assumed it was a narrow strip of rock. Rising above it for the first time I was shocked to see that not only was it covered in soil and grass, but that it was quite deep from front to back with lots of hidden pebble beaches.

On this particular late May evening the light was really beautiful and Sheep Island, which I often see as a simple black silhouette in my Ballintoy sunrise landscape photographs, glowed green and orange. Rathlin Island in the background was also looking really beautiful, capped by layers of cloud and the whole area turning yellow and purple as the sun dipped past the horizon.

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